Welcome to the Beneficent Education Program, where we envision a community that is financially literate, empowered to manage personal finances, and employed at their full potential. We launched earlier in 2020 and have four initiatives managed by an interdisciplinary team:

Financial Coaching

Beneficent clients that are registered to receive a loan are now offered one-on-one coaching with the aim of helping the client improve their financial situation through budgeting assistance, credit education, and debt management.

Resume Critique

In response to rising unemployment faced by our clients and community members due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Beneficent launched a free resume critique service! We will help you improve the content of your resume/CV to ensure relevance to your job description and profession, among many other suggestions and tweaks.

Interview Preparation

In order to better prepare individuals to successfully carry out job interviews, Beneficent offers one-on-one guidance sessions and mock interview practice to provide candidates with important pointers, advice, and the confidence they need on interview day.

Career Coaching

Whether just out of high school, amid undergraduate studies, or on a doubtful career path, Beneficent wants to assist individuals in finding a way forward that is financially feasible and helps people fulfill their potential and aspirations.

In addition to the above, the Education Program periodically hosts financial literacy seminars/webinars and tax filing assistance. To stay updated on these events, follow us on social media

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