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The Beneficent mission began in Waterloo with university students and recent graduates who witnessed the need for debt relief in their own social circles – students, peers, and friends who were entrenched in debt with no reprieve. After highly successful crowdfunding attempts to raise funds to indebted students, and the realization that many more are indebted, this group of students and graduates realized that debt relief should be a communal affair to strengthen community ties and avoid interest. Thus, Beneficent took shape as a completely volunteer-run non-profit organization in Canada. We also attained registered charity status effective 2021.

We are committed to interest-free financing to Canadians suffering from short-term high interest-bearing debt, and educational tools to empower them to achieve and maintain economic self-reliance.

At Beneficent, we envision a world in which people are able to seek out financing options that are rooted in empowerment

The Beneficent Team

The Beneficent team is 100% volunteer-run and composed of talented professionals and students from a multitude of fields of expertise. Together, they combine entrepreneurship, experience in the non-profit sector, and dedication to economic empowerment to aid in Beneficent’s mission and beyond.


Our Advisors

Our advisors are community leaders and experts in their respective fields that will help us chart new initiatives. They help ensure we receive the best advice in alignment with our values.

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