Slide Kimil from Uganda Slide Chaisee from Thailand Slide Adarsh from India Canadians are in near-record levels of debt with average debt-to-income at 154%
Share the wealth For $10 a month, you can join the Honeycomb and enable economic empowerment through debt relief and financial education in our community Join the Honeycomb

Slide Our Mission At Beneficent, we are dedicated to providing interest-free financing to community members suffering from short-term high interest-bearing debt, and educational tools to empower them to achieve and maintain economic self-reliance.

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1 We provide interest-free loans to help community members get back on their feet.

2 We provide financial coaching for the client, to empower them with tools to avoid debt.

3 We provide the public with free educational seminars, tax clinics, resume and interview preparation help.

Slide Our Success Beneficent has been active in lending out interest-free loans and providing financial education since 2016. Here are some stats of our impact. 57 Individuals helped

$143,335 Cumulative loans issued. $2515 Average loan per individual.

Slide Our Partners These are a few organizations that have partnered with us to fill the gaps for services to better serve all of our clients. Become A Partner NZF Manzil Nisa Homes

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Slide Our Direct Funds We offer many different funds that provide direct help for specific issues that children face in the world. Covid-19 Emergency Fund Donate African Feeding Fund Donate Brazil Feeding Fund Donate School Fund Donate Healthcare Fund Donate Covid-19 Emergency Fund $185,365 of our $250,000 target has been raised. Our Covid-19 Emergency Fund aims at providing direct help, mostly in the form of food, to countries that are most affected by the pandemic. Our donation target of $ 250,000 will allow us to get the necessary infrastructure and help supplies in place fast. Donate Now